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I did enjoy our conversation and found all your observations helpful. I believe the whole process will prove even more beneficial than I had initially hoped it might be.

(HMC Head - about a recent appraisal)



Well delivered, time flew by! The case scenarios were very effective and allowed time for self-reflection and made one realise the importance of assertiveness and negotiation.

(SMT member of a GSA School about training in conducting difficult conversations)
I was very involved in appraisal during my career as a  senior manager and that  experience has continued in my life as  a consultant with independent schools and academies. This has happened in two ways:

Conducting Senior Appraisals
This is a crucial area of professional development and one that schools need to get right with their senior staff. There is no substitute for having someone at the other end of the table who has actually been doing the job.  That is one of the reasons that I am regularly called upon to appraise staff.

I am  part of HMC's Appraisal Team that conducts reviews for Heads of independent schools throughout the country. I find this fascinating and rewarding work and the feedback has been very encouraging. I have
now conducted dozens of appraisals for senior staff including heads, principals, deputies and senior support staff in a variety of schools. 

I have been asked by some leading independent schools to help them implement new appraisal systems. This has usually  involved an address to the whole staff and a meeting with a  working party.

I have normally followed this up with training on how to conduct an appraisal, manage feedback and manage difficult conversations with colleagues.  Feedback from this training regularly indicates that staff enjoy the exercises and learn a lot from them. 
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