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I retired as the head of the King's School in Macclesfield, one of the country’s largest independent schools, having taught science for 36 years, with half of that time being spent in senior management.
I became an ISI Team Inspector in 1994 and have inspected several prestigious independent schools of all types: 3-18, Boys', Girls', boarding, Co-educational, HMC, GSA, GDST, IAPS etc. 
I live with my wife and cat in South Cheshire,
a location that provides easy access to schools in most parts of the country.

Stephen Coyne BSc (Hons), MEd, PhD, PGCE 
152abcI am a consultant, mainly advising independent schools
 and academies on educational matters.
I specialise in heads' and senior staff appraisals, mentoring, teacher training, performance management and INSET. 

I enjoy organising and delivering INSET (In Service Training Courses) for schools and the Professional Development arm of HMC, the finest independent schools in Great Britain. I also lead accreditation visits for schools wishing to join HMC.
I have been asked by schools to be involved with  appraisal of heads and deputies,  preparation for inspections, management issues, departmental performance reviews and employment issues.
As the head of  a diamond school, I managed  the separate sections of a 3-18 school and had direct experience of all stages of education from EYFS to University entrance. I appointed  all teachers and support staff and acquired vast experience of interviewing and staffing issues. As a result of this, I am asked to appraise heads of preparatory schools and am asked to advise both primary (mainly IAPS) and secondary schools (HMC, GSA, GDST & academies/free schools).
 I am happy to discuss any issues with heads and senior managers, with no commitment on either side, to see if I can be of assistance. I can be contacted in the first instance on:


I would be delighted to hear from you.
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